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Wi-Fi, Internet, Streaming, and Networking Services


Studio Tech provides on-site, event, and basecamp robust internet connectivity & Wi-Fi, local and remote streaming, IT services, and a variety of advanced technical solutions for your film and television production, convention, office, event, meeting, sporting event, and festival anywhere, anytime. Our experienced technicians and engineers come to your site, hook you to the Internet & telecommunications, support your streaming needs, keep your data secure, and move with you. 

Studio Tech Manged Internet & Wi-Fi Capabilities:

  • Deployed with a superior, best of breed, managed Wi-Fi solution from Ruckus Wireless.

  • Supports networks of 10 to 20,000 devices, phones, tablets, and computers. 

  • Wi-Fi signals are focused towards wireless clients reinforcing data transmission in high-interference or low-service areas

  • Traffic prioritization and consumption management based on use case, department, or other need. 

  • Support for multiple, redundant connections at the location, facility, office, or venue.

  • Automatic and seamless failover to secondary Internet connections.

  • Unbreakable streaming by sending copies of the content out multiple connections.  

  • Local streaming capability to devices, monitors, phones, or tablets throughout the venue or set.

  • Remote streaming globally to your favorite social media sites or content delivery networks.

  • On-Location telecom and conferencing capability. 

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