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Studio Technical Services Inc. fills a growing need for IT and network centric solutions for the film, television, and live event industries. Our event & production specialists provide turnkey solutions for robust Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi, local and remote streaming, IT services, and a variety of advanced technical solutions for your film and television production, convention, office, event, meeting, sporting event, and festival anywhere, anytime.

Our principal team members bring over 40 years of experience in event, film, and television production, having contributed to numerous activations, live events, and productions across the USA and Canada.

Spotlight on our founder and chief engineer, Jim Bloomquist


With a rich background spanning over 20 years, Jim specializes in network engineering, video streaming, live events, film and television production, cybersecurity, and telecommunications across various sectors including government, corporate, entertainment, and finance. His expertise covers a wide range of skills from network and security architecture to engineering, deployment, and oversight. Leading teams of skilled professionals, Jim has delivered intricate and advanced technical solutions for a diverse clientele, events, and employers. Holding a degree in information systems/networking along with CISSP and CCNA certifications, Jim is an active member of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers and IATSE 695 (Production Sound and Video Guild) as a Y-4 Operative and/or Supervising engineer. He is available by "must have" request via IATSE 33 (Los Angeles Stagehands) and is available for projects in all Southern California area venues.

Studio Technical Services - Production Credits

  • Lisa Frankenstein - Movie Release Party - Sr. Network Engineer.

  • The Grammy House - Recording Academy - Official Party Location - Technical Producer, Production Network Engineer, Power Coordinator.

  • Lets Go Football - - Production Network Engineer

  • Amazon Music Live 2023 - Production Network Engineer

  • LA Times Best 101 Restaraunts - Technical Producer, Production Network Engineer.

  • Shine Away by Hello Sunshine - Technical Producer, Production Network Engineer.

  • One 805 Live Music Festival - Sr. Network Engineer.

  • Shopify - Enterprise Partner Summit- Sr. Network Engineer.

  • California Nurses Association - Technical Producer, Show IT Manager.

  • 2023 Emmy's Announcements - Sr. Network Engineer.

  • Taco Bell Menu Showcase - Sr. Network Engineer.

  • LA CultureCon presented by Max - Sr. Network Engineer.

  • Paramount FYC Emmy Activation - Sr. Network Engineer.

  • California Democratic Convention - Network / IT Engineer. 

  • Stars - Party Down - FYC - Sr. Network Engineer.

  • Topanga Folk Music Festival - Technical Producer, Production Network Engineer.

  • The Best Man Premier - Sr. Network Engineer.

  • Allergan Aesthetics Global Town Hall - Network / Streaming Engineer. 

  • Warner Music Group - Grammy Party - Sr. Network Engineer.

  • Amazon Influencers Summit - Sr. Network Engineer.

  • Boston Consulting Group - Global Partner Convention - Managing Network / Streaming Engineer.

  • LA Regional Connector - BDA / DAS RF Test Engineer.

  • Yellowstone – S05 – Sr. Network / Satellite Engineer.

  • Amazon Accelerate (Seller Convention) – Network Architect / Engineer.

  • CES – Numerous Press Events, Keynotes, and Trade Show Experiences – Sr. Network Engineer.

  • Allergan National Sales Convention – Network Architect / Engineer.

  • With Love – Sr. Network Engineer.

  • Hermes Fit LA - Sr. Network Engineer. 

  • Embedded World – Sr. Network Engineer.  

  • Golden State Warriors - Celebration Planning Team - Network Engineer. 

  • Dead to Me – Sr. Network Engineer.

  • Chrissy’s Court – Network Engineer / Streaming Support.

  • San Bernardino County Regional 911 Center - Network & Security Architect.

  • Kapital Entertainment (Aaron Kaplan) – Network Engineer.

  • Tacoma Fire Department – Network Architect / Engineer.

  • Holey Moley – Network Architect / Engineer.

  • GLOW - Network Architect / Engineer.

  • Freightliner Autonomous Truck Reveal - Hover Dam - Network Engineer

  • Riverfront Stages - Network Architect / Engineer.

  • Justin Timberlake Future Sex Love Tour – Projectionist.

  • WWE – Numerous – Projectionist.

  • Walking with Dinosaurs – Projectionist.

  • Academy Awards - Microwave Links between Kodak Theatre and Post Production Facility – Network Technician.

  • Taste of Newport – Video Director.

  • Sony – E3 Experience – Network Engineer.

  • Glory Daze – Network Technician.

  • Glass House – Network Technician.

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