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Venue Services

Are you overseeing an event or production facility, or do you hold a position as a location manager? As your event and production demands evolve with more complex technical requirements, Studio Tech is here to assist. We collaborate closely with our partner venues to develop a comprehensive technology suite designed to enhance the experience for their clients, customers, and staff. This collaboration not only aims to boost revenue opportunities but also to heighten client satisfaction. Catering to a diverse range of spaces including event venues, meeting facilities, production offices, and film & television stages & locations, partnering with Studio Tech ensures all your event technology requirements are expertly met. 

Event / Production Facility Partners: 

  • Hollywood Athletic Club

  • Rolling Greens on Mateo

  • Riverfront Stages

  • Sunset Landmark Tower

  • Skylight - SF Armory

  • Skylight - The Cube

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