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Wi-Fi for events, sets, production offices, basecamps:

Studio Tech deploys a superior, best of breed, managed Wi-Fi solution from Ruckus Wireless. With our wide selection of indoor and outdoor wireless access points we can provide seamless Wi-Fi coverage for your production, set, basecamp, offices, or ancillary areas. Studio Tech Wi-Fi technology allows for multiple networks for each group, department, or team each with a separate network priority and consumption policy.

Our network can directly focus Wi-Fi signals towards wireless clients once they're detected, reinforcing signal paths in high-interference or low-service areas. Our technology allows for robust connectivity for 10 to 20,000 devices. We will work with your camera, audio, video assist, and lighting teams to leverage our robust Wi-Fi network, advanced frequency coordination hardware and software, and experienced crew to substantially improve Wi-Fi coverage and reduce interferance in the already crowded unlicensed bands. This will ultimately craft a better wireless transmission outcome for all departments.

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