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Wi-Fi for events, sets, production offices, basecamps:

Studio Tech delivers a top-tier, professionally managed Wi-Fi 6 solution from Ruckus Wireless, renowned for its excellence. Our comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor wireless access points ensures uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage, perfectly suited for various settings including production sites, event spaces, conventions, basecamps, offices, and other auxiliary areas. Our Wi-Fi technology is adept at creating multiple networks, each tailored to specific groups, departments, or teams, with individualized network priorities and usage policies.

Our systems are designed to intelligently direct Wi-Fi signals towards wireless clients, bolstering connectivity in areas plagued by high interference or weak service. Capable of handling anywhere from 10 to 20,000 devices, our network is built for both scale and reliability. Our experienced engineers and technicians have extensive production experience and collaborate closely with your production, talent, camera, A/V, and lighting teams. By utilizing our advanced Wi-Fi network, state-of-the-art frequency coordination tools, and our skilled technical crew, we significantly enhance Wi-Fi coverage and minimize interference in the congested unlicensed bands. This collaborative approach ensures a superior wireless transmission experience for all involved departments.

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