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Wi-Fi, Wireless Data, and Audio / Video Frequency Coordination:

While your sound department excels in managing wireless microphones, Comteks, and other on-set communication devices, modern productions utilize numerous devices operating at frequencies well beyond those used by audio equipment. Frequencies such as the 1.9 DECT, 2.4, 5 Ghz, and 6 GHz bands are crowded, being utilized for Wi-Fi, Teradek Bolts & Servs, lighting control, and various other technologies. Studio Tech’s team is adept at managing these frequencies to ensure optimal video and data transmission on set. We are experts in detecting both Wi-Fi and non-network devices that operate in these highly trafficked bands. Our role includes coordinating the use of these bands with departments like Camera, Video, Audio, Lighting, and Stage Networks to minimize interference and reduce downtime.

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