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Unbreakable Internet Connectivity for Productions and Events

Studio Tech is committed to fulfilling all your connectivity requirements with comprehensive support and service. Our managed internet solutions are tailored to prioritize traffic and manage consumption according to specific use cases, departments, or other unique needs. We provide multiple redundant internet connections for any location, be it a set, event facility, office, or venue using a multitude of technologies including fiber, cable modem, fixed wireless microwave, 5G cellular, LEO and geosynchronous satellite technologies.


With our SD-WAN technology, we offer unparalleled network reliability, allowing traffic to be intelligently distributed across multiple connections, providing redundancy and increased throughput to keep your production running smoothly and seamlessly, even if one connection fails. Our firewalls ensure efficient bandwidth usage, resulting in faster connections and a smoother user experience. This system is backed by a team of skilled network technicians and engineers, ensuring smooth operation.


Studio Tech also provides  an extensive range of portable 4G & 5G routers, Starlink terminals, and point-to-point microwave equipment, available for rent on a daily, weekly, or long-term basis. Our cellular modems deliver faster and more reliable connectivity than typical MiFi or Puck solutions, making them ideal for both primary internet access and backup. We also offer solutions that can bond multiple cellular modems and/or Starlink terminals, enhancing throughput and reliability. Our network equipment supports wired connections for various devices such as printers, kiosks, displays, or PCs, and can be paired with high-gain cellular or Wi-Fi antennas to ensure optimal coverage.

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