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Networking, Phone Systems, and Telecommunications

"Studio Tech partners with your production to guarantee the best network and telecommunications solutions. We offer guidance and implementation of network and server infrastructure, cloud-based phone systems, walkie-talkie and two-way radio systems, and nationwide push-to-talk over cellular (POC) systems. Our seasoned engineers manage your entire network and telecommunications setup, ensuring a holistic approach to meet all your communication requirements.


Network Systems: Productions demand strong and secure network solutions for content storage, transmission, communication, office staff needs, and general internet access. Studio Tech handles every aspect - from Internet, Wi-Fi, streaming, networking, and wiring to power and telecommunications - coordinating logistics with your hotel, facility, stage, office, or remote location, so everything runs smoothly without any hassle on your part.


Phone Systems: A dependable phone system is vital for your staff, crew, and talent. Studio Tech provides advanced cloud phone systems from Nextiva, catering to your global communication needs. We manage the setup, programming, and support. We offer desk phones, conference phones, video and audio conferencing systems, and more.  These cloud-based phones can be set up wherever there's internet access. We can dispatch desk and conference phones to your remote executives worldwide. We also offer an app that allows desk extensions to be accessible on cell phones, PCs, or laptops. Our cloud-based phone systems come with numerous features not available on cell phones, enhancing communication efficiency.

On-Location Services: If you're working on location, our base camp network services ensure your internet access, Wi-Fi, and desk phones function seamlessly in production trailers and star-wagons, even in areas without cell phone service.

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