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Primary and Backup Internet Connectivity for Productions and Events

Studio Tech provides all the support and service to ensure that your connectivity needs are satisfied. We provide managed internet services that allow for traffic prioritization and consumption management based on use case, department, or other need. We can bring multiple, redundant connections to the location, facility, office, or venue. Our advanced network equipment will automatically fail over to redundant connections and traffic can be load balanced across multiple internet links. The system is supported by experienced network technicians and engineers.

Studio Tech supplies a full line of portable 4G & 5G routers, Starlink teminals, and point to point data link equipment available for daily, weekly, or long-term rentals. Our cellular modems provide greater speed and are more reliable than a MiFi or Puck type internet solutions and function well for prinary connectivity or internet backup. We also provide solutions that can bond multiple cellular modems and/or Starlink terminals for greater throughput and reliability. Our network equipment supports wired connections for printers, kiosks, displays, or PC’s and can use high gain cellular or Wi-Fi antennas for better coverage.

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